Nicole's Life Story Nicole's Reel
I am a girl who believes in possibilities. I am lucky enough to love what I do for a living and always try to inspire people to reflect their passions through design. I think the world would spin a little easier if we all designed a life we love!
Sassy Tips come in all shapes and sizes and television appearances are a great way for me to share my ideas in a hands-on way. I love being able to show people how to recreate my ideas and put their design ideas into action!
I do my best not to take design too seriously! I like to keep my spaces fun, unexpected, smart, and sophisticated with a twist, never forgetting to ask, "why not?"
Some of my designs have been created for all different celebrities and high-profile clientele. This kitchen was created for a celebrity chef for the cooking segments on Extra!
Every picture, design and Sassy Tip I share is intended to encourage and empower others to create the life they deserve and live it in beautiful spaces.
Design has been my life since a young age and I've learned to do it all, from building a home from the ground up to creating the elegant, whimsical tablescape inside!
I am lucky enough to incorporate all of my passions into my work, from developing home products, like Design in a Box, to blogging about design from all corners of the world! I love sharing my design ideas and my books allow me to do that. In keeping things easy to replicate, I hope that one of my designs will spark a Sassy idea for someone else!